|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
7DFPS ...
Progress! (because early start :P)
Due to going away at the end of next week I started yesterday. Not much actual gameplay yet, but I stole some sprites from doom and can render 3000+ of these guys with AI and physics + a rather large level and some per-pixel lighting at a good 60fps. There is still a lot of optimization I could do also. Currently the levels are split into layers of tiles on the Y axis, so I can have multiple heights to the level while still using AABBs (because I totally suck at writing other types of intersection tests). To maintain super old-school-ness I wrote a shader that reduces the res and the color depth. the shader also adds dithering, but it looks a bit horrible at the moment so it isn't in the screenshot. I don't actually know what the core gameplay will be like yet or where it's set or anything, but I do know I may want a horde mode so you can just shoot loads of dudes or something... (Oh, and for some reason the project name is "Qwace" at the moment. Because it sounds like "Quake" but stupid...).
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