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RH2 has discovered the player can plain-just walk straight through walls. I have discovered the soda i'm drinking kills flies. We did a lot more arguing-I-mean-game-design-discussion yesterday (I think it's RH2's job to do good game design and my job to argue with him :) and this game is going to be way less tower-defencey than I first thought. The buildings are more of a temporary stall so the player can deal with enemies coming from another side. We're still going with shadeless I think; I hope, I think it can end up amazing if we design the art well. The custom rigidbody player is cool (says Teh_Bucket), we can do things like enemies' fire leading the player based on velocity, but you can plain-just walk straight through walls. RH2 is still asleep and I think I should start animating.



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So i figured we should post something! RH2 and I decided to work together on something, the day before we started concepting like crazy, wrote a document of the basics and decided what we'd work on.. we both code unity and do art so we can cover each other's bald spots.. we brought Lush in, who is doing amazing concept drawings, already have one enemy made. RH2 left us alone for awhile while he went and did something and Lush and I ended up going off the deep end with art concepts so it's gonna be shadeless and awesome like that. Lindar has jumped in as audio everything, he's doing music and sound effects for a few teams I think so we've been talking to him too. I thought we might post a playable super basic build tonight but I would end up not sleeping so I'm gonna sleep instead. Oh right, our game will be a survival shooter, with high mobility (we have a hookshot, jetpack, and... running so far, with more developing) and some tower defence thrown into the mix. I also remembered to eat 3 meals so I think we're doing really well.
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