About Us

Can I run it by 7DFPS is one of the fastest system requirements checking tool that helps you to find out all the games your PC can run. Every specification you enter is compared with the minimum system requirements of 41,973 games and is processed in less than 0.7 seconds.

Not only do we show the minimum system requirements, but our advanced game engine (uses AI) also suggests you recommended system requirements for smooth functioning of the game. Also, we’ve added our checking tool in all the individual game pages, so you can compare different specifications and their compatibility with game.

We don’t just stop at showcasing the system requirements and checking if you can run the game, but we also help you find out the best-rated CPU, GPU with links to trustable vendors on Amazon (ofcourse, we use affiliate links and earn a commission when you make a purchase after clicking our affiliate link, but that doesn’t make us biased.)

Why Did We Start 7DFPS (CAN I RUN IT?)

We started 7DFPS to help people find if their PC can run a particular game without having to visit multiple websites thereby saving more than 7 minutes.

Without our tool, finding if a game is compatible with a particular hardware combination would involve:

  1. Open the official website of the game and check for the minimum and recommended system requirements. (1 minute)
  2. Open CPU comparison websites and see if their CPU is powerful than the minimum/recommended system requirements. (3 minutes)
  3. Open GPU comparison websites and check if the GPU in their PC is better than the minimum required GPU. (4 minutes)
  4. OS and RAM would be another thing to research, but that could be done by just comparing game requirements with the system specifications. (30 seconds)

By using our tool:

  1. Enter the CPU, GPU, OS and RAM of their current PC build and see if the game is compatible with their PC. Not only that, but our tool also lists out all the other games that the system can run. (50 seconds.)

What are we doing Next?

We’re committed to the website and are continuously working to improve the tool. For instance, the earlier version of our system requirements checker didn’t come with a easy to use UI, it was a little slow and lacked accurate data. The current version doesn’t just have accurate data, clean UI, but also has a lot of other information such as recommended CPUs, GPUs, mouse, RAM, keyboard, etc.

Not only are we continuously working towards improving the tool, but we’re also planning to implement new features such as game ranks, game alternatives, etc.